County Christian Women Organization is a group of women, currently in calhoun county Alabama, that meets every 3rd Saturday of every month (see our ‘find us’ info) for ministry, fellowship and fun. Come join us for a Jesus centered meeting with biblical teaching, devotion, and prayer. All women are welcome from any denomination.


Statement of Purpose

Honoring the Lord Jesus in all we do. Touching lives to be encouraged in the Lord daily. We feel the Lord is coming soon. We want to help people be ready to go to Heaven when Jesus returns to receive His people. God has been faithful to us and we want to be faithful to His cause. Leaving Jesus’ footprints in sands of life as we go. Our statement in life is to say JESUS LOVES YOU!

Helping people know Jesus as their Saviour helping them to grow spiritually.

Wish each of you a blessed day.

Calhoun County Christian Women